Questions About Implant Dentistry Answered

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These are all understandable questions asked by those who may have been completely new to a dental technology and procedure that is not entirely new today. Indeed, the implant dentistry rochester practice has been around for a while. The concepts, technologies, techniques and its procedures are still being held in high regard as technological breakthroughs.

Subsequently, practitioners are always able to alleviate potential patients’ concerns and curiosity with realistic but encouraging responses. The reality remains that not all adults will be eligible for implants in the first instance. This determination will of course only be made once a full dental exam has been completed, usually with the use of the X-ray. Apart from the patient’s oral condition, taking into account the health of existing teeth and gums, the dentist or orthodontist also needs to know more about the patient’s jaw structure.

But should the patient’s jawbone not be suited for implants, there is still a possibility that the patient may be eligible for bone grafting procedures. One way or another, dental implants will provide huge benefit to those with or without dentures. Indeed, patients who are wearing dentures could see themselves having implants built that will support these. The implants keep the dentures in place, preventing them from shifting around or coming loose.

Ultimately, the wearing of dental implants provides improved cosmetic benefit. And apart from a natural look being restored or created, the patient also gets to enjoy a more natural feel. Indeed, it feels as though these are your real teeth. While chewing abilities are restored, further bone loss can be alleviated. One final concern that many new patients have is the question of pain. There is no such thing. This is because a local anesthetic will be applied.